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Some Tips

Here is a list of things you may need if you are new to long distance walking. We have created an essential list and a useful list. Neither are endless, but hopefully this will at least help with your planning. Any requirements will also be influenced by your accommodation choices e.g. wild camping requires additional items like tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, etc


Don't set off without these...
  • Rucksack (size depends on trip duration and accommodation choices)
  • Walking shoes (good, quality pair)
  • Walking socks (few good pairs; helps prevent blisters)
  • Clothing (suitable for walking; adequate amount; wear layers)
  • Water bottle(s) with fluids
  • Food to last between supply points (e.g. high energy snacks)
  • Compass
  • Toiletries (small bar of soap, small towel, toothbrush & toothpaste, razor, deodorant, tampons, loo paper, wet wipes, and sun cream & insect repellent – in summer)
  • First aid kit (aspirin/paracetamol, plasters, blister treatment)
  • Whistle (to attract attention if necessary)
  • Torch (with spare batteries/bulb) – depending on time of year
  • Watch/clock/mobile phone – with alarm
  • Plastic bags (for your rubbish – dispose in bins)
  • Emergency bivi-bag or survival blanket (if you don’t have tent/sleeping bag)
  • Cash and credit cards


For that extra bit of comfort...
  • Rucksack waterproof cover (or waterproof liner; or clothes in strong plastic bags)
  • Waterproof walking shoes
  • Hat, gloves & gaiters
  • Waterproofs are advisable (over-trousers & lightweight jacket)
  • Some rucksacks have built-in water containers with a feed tube/mouthpiece
  • Other food items (e.g. additional snacks/ rolls/etc)
  • Cowal Way Guide Book or free Cowal Way mobile app recommended
  • Non essential toiletries (e.g. face cloth, aftershave, perfumes, make up, etc)
  • Non compulsory first aid kit items (triangular bandage for a sling, elastic knee support, antiseptic cream, adhesive tape, safety pins, scissors, tweezers)
  • Sun glasses (in summer)
  • Hiking poles
  • Other items – camera, binoculars, notebook & pen
  • If appropriate – quality lightweight tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment & fuel
  • Pouch or secure pockets for keeping valuables safe

Some Tips PDF download

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